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The Art of Storytelling

Google Algo Change Simply no time… How do you other Bloggers do it!? This is what I get for running multiple businesses, hanging out in multiple forums and running multiple websites… Not complaining though… better than being bored. I’ll find something more interesting to say tomorrow. Peace. The Art of Storytelling Whether you want to touch a nerve, reach a new audience, or boost your sales, storytelling is the most powerful tool in your arsenal. As humans, we love a good story, and when it resonates with us, it can drive us to take action when nothing else can....

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Is your website mobile-friendly?

Is your website mobile-friendly? Google update will hit you badly if not Just how common this sight is shows how big mobilegeddon’s impact will be. hipsters by View Apart/ Aleksej Heinze, University of Salford There are no four riders of the apocalypse, but mobilegeddon is here: Google is due to roll out its latest search ranking algorithm update. Following the way in which mobile phones are driving internet uptake and innovation, this update will focus on favouring mobile devices – and websites that aren’t mobile-friendly are likely to find their search results ranking gets clobbered. The commercially sensitive secret...

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