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cutting edge membership!

Congratulations for choosing to watch me create and innovate a brand new cutting edge membership! You’ll see some amazing things, you’ll get to see the trial sales letters I write, as well as the final version, plus the emails I send to my subscribers, and to jv partners to ask them to promote . . . I plan to start this early next week, so I’ll start sending you emails with the work I am doing, as I do it. Before I start, I recommend you start by studying these bonuses so YOU can learn to create your own...

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A big craze online at the moment

A big craze online at the moment is buying private label rights to various products. The concept is a great one; you purchase the rights to something and then you’re free to edit it, put your name on it, and basically do whatever you like with it. Sounds great right? Wrong! My main gripe with private label rights is that they’re usually complete junk! Aside from that, there are a lot of problems with Private Label Rights products. The main problem is that most producers impose too stricter restrictions on there product that could and often does restrict you...

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