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Lesson Fourteen

  • Video 14 Bucket Explorer

  • This video shows you how to install (a little tricky) & setup Bucket Explorer to use with your AWS account. Bucket Explorer is another 3rd party tool (UI) that acts like an FTP client between your computer (Mac & PC). I also touch on a few things to be aware of if you decide to use Bucket Explorer.

  • Running time is 6:23

Lesson Fourteen Read
Lesson Fourteen

n this video I’m going to demonstrate another third party tool to connect your computer with your Amazon S3 account, so that you can manage your buckets and all the contents of those buckets – the objects, the folders and files.

This tool is called Bucket Explorer and this is a very feature-rich product and you want to head over to to find out more about it and you can either purchase it outright for $70 or you can go ahead and download the trial version, which is what I’m going to do here.

I’ve already downloaded this but I do want to point out a couple of things here before you jump into downloading it into your computer. Oh and by the way it’s good for either Windows, Linux or Mac. We got all the major operating systems covered here.

If we click on this button up here at the top for download the trial, if you’re on a Windows 64-bit version you want to get this top one here. That’s the one that I downloaded anyway and of course if you’re on one of the other operating systems, you want to download the one that’s best suited for your system but I did want to point out though that the release date here was December 31st of last year and something else I wanted to point out that under release notes and then checking out all versions, I did find out that there have been several updates throughout the years and they’ve been around since 2007 so they’re not the new kid on the block by any stretch of the imagination but even seeing all the various updates throughout the years, there’s not been 1 update in 2014 so you might want to consider that as something important prior to you forking over the $70 and also I want to mention that on the download page here, let’s go back to purchase a license, yeah right here, this tells you about the duration of that license that you’re purchasing. It’s only good for 12 months.

The product itself is good for as long as you want to keep it on your computer, but as far as getting free updates that’s only good for 12 months. If you want updates beyond that 12-month period, then you have to buy an additional license for that 12-month period down the line, so consider that as well. And you might also be interested in checking out some of the other products that they offer on this particular page, but that’s that.

Go ahead and download it and whenever you download it, again this is the one that I downloaded here. I went ahead and unzipped it. I scanned it with my Kaspersky virus scanner and whenever you open this up, you’re only going to have a few of these. Actually you’re only going to have the exe file and the gre file. These other ones popped open as soon as I installed the BucketExplorer64.exe file and it’s possible that since I’m only using the trial version that it did not actually install anything on my computer.

For me to open this back up and you’re going to get this the first time around until you actually have the license key installed but I’m going to go ahead and stick with the continue with trial version and it gives you a little countdown right here of how much time you’ve got left. The first time that you do that, it’s going to pop up a different box than what we’ve got here, asking for your email address and then a little link down here on this area of that popup box is going to say “skip the email address, just go ahead and activate me now” or something like that.